Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The great fun that is.........Bubblewrap!!


                        A delivery brings more than just books to the house today!!

We are now the proud owners of some new books from Books For Bugs and as usual, my daughter could not wait to read her new stories!! Once that was done and she had read them to her toys sat on the beanbag too, she turned her attention to the wonder that is Bubble wrap!!

The great thing about the bubblewrap they used is it was large wrap, meaning that the pops were rather satisfying!! We decided to use the bubblewrap as a road for her cars, making each car create a great noise as it rode over the bumps!! The best thing was, it led to further wonderment when she found that her knees were popping them as she knelt on them to get her car across!!

Bubblewrap is great fun for all sorts of play! Tape it to the floor and run across it.......roll across it on the floor....use it for wrapping up toys and "Post Office play". You can see how it can be used for painting to on one of my older posts http://www.childcareclair.com/2012/06/another-activity-idea.html

So next time a package comes wrapped in bubblewrap, try creating your own fun (and make sure you supervise your child with the bubblewrap as it can be a choking hazard)

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