Monday, 13 May 2013

Nail Varnish Issues


All girls are fascinated by makeup and nail polish in particular, but is it safe?

I was at a networking group a while ago and met a lady who sold children's nail polish. I had not heard of it before and I began to talk to her about the product. What I had not realised was that adult nail varnish is actually harmful to not only children, but to pregnant women too.

This was something I had to look into. It is true that nail polishes do contain formaldehyde and pthalates sometimes, which can be toxic if ingested. This is not a problem to adults as they do not tend to suck on their fingers or perhaps eat the polish. There was even talk of a "toxic trio" of ingredients which could in fact harm an unborn child. (You can read about that here )

I do not like the idea of young children wearing nail polish as it is, but allowed my daughter to try the water based nail varnish out of interest. It had a pleasant odour rather than an overpowering one, and came off merely by washing her hands in the bath. Great if you do allow your child to wear nail polish, but I think I will wait a long long time before I allow my daughter to wear any form of make up again. (Face painting is a bit different though and she loves that!!) Now I just have to stop her putting felt pen on her face as "make up"!!!!!!

If you are interested in child friendly makeup products, you can find some here:

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