Thursday, 9 May 2013

Library rhyme and storytimes not always what they seem

I have been looking into Libraries and their rhyme/story times. Many parents are not impressed!

I read at a local library the other day and was most dismayed. I have taken my daughter to the under fives story time before and after 2 visits decided against going again. I found that the staff there lacked enthusiasm and did not seem to have the tone of voice needed to hold children's attentions.
In fact, when I asked to read my book, the reply was "Does that mean we don't have to do it next week, then?"

I wanted to find out if this was something confined to my local library, or something occurring on a wider scale. I asked my Facebook followers to comment on their experiences only to find that it was not just the one case! These were some of the comments I received :

As a preschool in a village we use to walk next door to the library and have a story session. Very valuable experience for the children. Usual cuts and now the library is shut every morning! Such a shame. Have to say though the ladies at this library were not good at all at story telling. No idea how to talk to the children. This is not always the case though. I have been to another library and the story teller there was just amazing, very interactive session and used songs and actions to reinforce story.
I find the library staff at my library so unenthusiastic!! Stopped taking Freddie to bounce and rhyme. The staff had no skills of engaging the children and looked like they would rather be anywhere else!!!I was so unimpressed when I went, the lady singing was so quiet and had no impression in her voice, the children were just running riot- not their fault... The lady didn't make it fun or exciting for them
The West Wickham one is awful. Exactly the same as the one described above but Bromley Central library is really good and the lady has the children's attention in such a way you'd probably hear a pin drop! Lol (silence in the good way - the children are eager to listen to the story)

I must underline that it isn't every library that is like this, but there are a good few that are not really up to standard in terms of their toddler groups. It is difficult to keep the attention of so many little ones, but a librarian who had some childcare knowledge or storytelling training would perhaps be able to fare better in these situations. There are some great storytellers out there who read in libraries for the children of the community, showing great enthusiasm and joy when reading stories. One good one which I attended when I lived elsewhere was run by the local children's centre and a trained member of staff came along to do rhymes and stories with the children.

What are your experiences??


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