Monday, 27 May 2013

Holidays - A trick for long car journeys!


            We have just been on a lovely holiday, with a very long car journey!
Car journeys can be a nightmare with a toddler on board. I was getting myself a bit concerned about our 5 hour plus trip to Cornwall, as we had not yet travelled so long in the car with our daughter since being potty trained. I was determined she was to have plenty of toilet stops and the potty was stored in the back just in case!!

The thing was, I was stressing for no reason. She was fine! The planned stops were great however, and having too many actually made me feel prepared as we could then decide whether we needed to stop or not. The thing that most concerned me though was her being bored.

This is where I had a brainstorm...........a special holiday bag!! I filled a bag of interesting bits and pieces for her with the intention that each hour of the journey, she would get something new out of the bag. I had 2 toys from home in there for familiarity, but she was not interested in those when there were brand new toys in there! I had managed to buy little bits for her and hid them well before the holiday. There were bangles to wear, a toy hairdryer and doll to do her hair, a princess colouring book,a  sticker activity book and a new story book with a magazine too! She loved it!!

The best thing was, she was so enthralled with what she had, she didn't need all of them in the one trip, meaning she had more to explore in the mornings at the holiday cottage (more about there tomorrow!!) It is a great idea to try out for any age child, and helps to make the journey go much quicker! It is even better when the things inside are varied and not all technology based!!

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