Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hitting the Beach!

                   How our little one has discovered the joys of nature at the seaside!!
Holidays are fab and also can get rather expensive with the costs of attractions. Knowing we were going somewhere with fantastic beaches for our holiday, we wanted our daughter to experience the beach and everything it has to offer.

Although we live close to the beach at home, the pull of sandy beaches and rocky shores was something we just had to visit! We first went to Kennack Sands, well known for its rock pools and lovely sandy stretches. We did visit the rock pools with nets in tow, but on this occasion only managed to find a lot of colourful seaweed! Was still a great learning tool though, as we discussed how the seaweed felt in our hands and what it looked like!

What our daughter loved the most was creating pictures in the sand with her fingers and finding stones to create eyes and noses! She made sandcastles with her Daddy and had a great time being out in the sea air!

Next, we explored Porthleven beach on a lovely peaceful midweek evening. The sun was shining and there was a lovely breeze strong enough make our little beach girl laugh as it blew the hat off of her head! This time, she was wanting to get into the sea and splash in her wellies! A far cry from the little girl who was afraid of the sea (you can find out about that here ) She was straight in there with help from her Daddy and thought it most funny that her wellies became full of the sea water!! Bit of luck Mum was prepared with spare clothes and shoes!!

Some beaches are also wonderful places to explore with their little caves and coves. With adult supervision (you don't want children running off and getting lost in a cave when the tide comes in!) children can get the chance to explore these little dark hiding spots which nature has provided. Great for playing pirates or mermaids, as my daughter insisted!! These caves in the picture were found at Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall (which also has a fab pub for mums and dads to relax in too!!)

We have also been busy collecting shells and interesting small stones, which enthralled our little girl as they had different colours and shapes to discuss. We have a little box at home now which she calls her "Holiday shells" that she gets out, sorts and plays Pirate treasure with. (The best ones were found at Trebah Beach, Trebah Gardens! A place I will be reviewing this week on here!)  It was so interesting how a visit to the beach could bring so many learning experiences to our little one. The sights, the smells, the taste of salt on your lips, the sound of the sea lapping against the is definitely a sensual learning opportunity as well as offering chances to learn about the seashore and its wildlife!! Finding a crabs claw was something my daughter hasn't forgotten yet!!

So get out there with your children and explore the beach!!

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