Wednesday, 24 April 2013

R is for Role models


             Children look up to adults and want to be them, so we should set good examples!

Whether a parent, practitioner, grandparent, teacher or even a doctor, every adult who is in contact of a child is a potential role model. We just have to look at a toddler's imaginative play to recognise how they look up to those adults around them. Children observe and take in so much of what the adults around them do. As an example, I asked my daughter to tidy up her toys the other day, and I helped her. After five minutes she said to me " I don't see much tidying up going on! That's what Mrs ***** says at Pre school"

Being a role model is a very important task. You do have to really consider your actions and the things which you say to and in front of the children. Everybody gets it wrong from time to time, we all do, but the important thing is to try! Plus being honest enough to admit to your child when you got it wrong or have said something you shouldn't have helps to still set a good example to you child. A lot of the behaviour we see from our children today comes from what they have learnt from watching the adults around them. (I am not saying all of a child's behaviour let me be clear, but the majority)

Another point to make is to be clear with your actions. For example, if you teach your child not to shout, but then shout at them yourselves, it is not giving the child a clear message and the child can become confused. I have discussed role models before, as it has been described as something which is disappearing in today's society. You can read that post here

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