Wednesday, 17 April 2013

M is for.............................Mrs Handbag!

                                     Find out what happened when I launched my book!
Last Saturday was a fantastic day for Childcare Clair, as I had a launch party for my new (and first ever!) children's story, "Mrs Handbag and the Magic Seed" As you may have read on here previously, myself and the illustrator Daniel Cole have worked very hard to create this book aimed at 3-7 year olds.

Mrs Handbag is a character close to my heart. I created her a few years ago, whilst working with children in a Pre school room of a very busy nursery in Fareham. After leaving my job there, Mrs Handbag was not seen or heard of again........until now!

The book launch went very well, with many friends and family in attendance, making the day a really special one. Best of all, I was able to read the story to some children who were kind enough to give the book some very good comments! Not only that, but some children who I cared for within my first ever workplace (now in their teenage years) came along to support me. I can tell you it was totally surreal reading a story to them again after so many years and seeing them so grown up!

If anything else, this book has enabled me to connect with old friends, as well as with my own daughter, who one of the characters is named after. She loves having the story read to her and will happily tell everyone about Mrs Handbag!

I am hoping this book will be the start of more to come! I have already jotted down the plots for 2 more Mrs Handbag stories and another idea for a different set of books too. Hopefully, if this book goes well, I will be able to get those printed in the future too!

If you are interested in a book, please email me at for more details, or hit the "Buy a book" tab on the above menu to read a synopsis and testimonials of the book.

Many thanks to Peter Hall Photography for the fantastic photographs of the launch



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