Tuesday, 16 April 2013

L is for Life and Love

                  From the very first look at the new life you bring into the world.....there is love

I thought a lot about today's post. The recent events in America have really made me think about the world my daughter has been brought into. These are things we cannot predict or in many respects stop from happening, let alone explain to our children. It just makes you realise how fickle life can be and that bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful thing to do.

Life is precious, and we feel the very same about the babies we bring into the world. I found a quote about new life which I feel rings home very true :

"Once you bring life into the world, you must protect it. We must protect it by changing the world "
(Elie Wiesel )

Of course, doing so is no mean feat, and it can actually be quite worrying for a parent when they think about the state of the world and how exactly they can change it. For me, I try not to dwell on the "What if's", if we all did that we would not be able to leave our front door, and it would mean that the few people out there who want to ruin things for the rest of society have won.

It is a really difficult subject to discuss, but our children need us to be positive. This is where the love part comes in. Our love for our children is overwhelming. It makes you want to protect them from any form of harm, which in itself is not easy when there are so many different potential risks out there. The truth is, we cannot shield our children from everything, but what we can do is teach them about risk and how to manage it themselves.

I was always taught that Hate is a strong word, and is it what causes wars. This is why we should be teaching children more about the importance of loving their family, peers and the world that they live in. The way we do this is to teach by example, listen to them, praise them and be as honest as you can about the questions they ask.

My thoughts are with all the people involved in the Boston Marathon blasts. Let us hope whoever  is responsible gets their comeuppance

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