Monday, 15 April 2013

J is for ..................Jelly Play!!

                 Jelly play, like most sensory messy activities can help children learn!

The picture above is of my daughter and I exploring Rice Pudding during a sensory play day at our local Children's Centre when she was smaller.  (There was jelly play there too, but I didn't get a picture!) Jelly play is used in many settings to help children use their senses to learn and can be very beneficial and exciting to play with!!

Jelly is fantastic because it smells fantastic, coming in many different flavours and colours. It can be bought quite cheaply too, meaning it can be very accessible for parents and practitioners alike to get.
Another great thing about jelly is it is solid when children start to explore it, but it soon becomes liquid as it is manipulated, making it a great sloppy substance to touch! Using jelly with babies is also safe, as they can eat it without any worries about what they are putting in their mouths! In fact, jelly allows children to use all 5 of their senses!

Smelling - through the great flavours available

Tasting - It is quite irresistible! Even my two year old would more than likely eat it then play with it!

Touching - The feel of the jelly is great as it slops through the fingers and squishes in the hands!

Seeing - Jelly is very appealing to the eye with its bright colours

Hearing - Jelly makes a great noise as it is slopped around in the container (and often on the floor!)

It is advisable to be aware of just how messy jelly play can get (It is half the fun, however!) It is best played with in some form of messy tray or large plastic bowl. Make sure your child is wearing an apron (or with babies have been stripped to the nappy!) When clearing up afterwards you will need a mop for the floor and to make sure everything is cleaned properly as jelly leaves things quite sticky, meaning it can attract bugs in the summer months!!

So get playing with Jelly...... it is great!

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