Friday, 12 April 2013

I is for ................................immunisation


           Once again Immunisation is in the news as measles spreads in Wales

It is all over the news at the moment how a measles epidemic is spreading in Wales, with over 600 cases already confirmed.  It once again has highlighted how parents are either neglecting to get their children immunised or have chosen against the controversial MMR vaccination.

In fact, over 6,000 children in the Swansea area, where the latest outbreak has occurred, are still yet to be vaccinated with the MMR.

But what are the risks of not having the MMR and contracting the measles virus? Well, the measles virus is not usually serious, but there are potential complications which can be fatal such as hepatitis, pneumonia and inflammation of the brain. Once you have had the measles, you do build up an immunity to it, and having been vaccinated, you are not likely to get it.

The MMR is very controversial, as I have mentioned in this previous post which you can read here

So, what do you think???

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  1. But is there a measles outbreak in Wales?