Tuesday, 9 April 2013

F is for.................Finger painting!

                Finger painting is more than just getting messy! Although it helps!
Research has found that stone age children used to finger paint on walls.

"Researchers have uncovered evidence that children as young as 2 decorated France’s Rouffignac caves with markings known as finger flutings at least 13,000 years ago, drawing not only simple lines but also symbolic shapes. The most prolific budding artist, thought to have been a 5-year-old girl, braved the pitch-dark caverns’ rocky terrain to hone her craft on high, remote corners—perched, perhaps, on the shoulders of an approving adult."


With an art which has been around for centuries then, we should be embracing finger painting! Obviously the whole doing it on wall thing has changed a fair bit, but there are many great reasons why we should get our children finger painting!

1. It is a great way to teach babies especially about textures and mark making! The first time my daughter tried finger painting, the look on her face was priceless! What was this colourful substance that made her hands so slippery!!

2. Finger painting helps to develop the finger and hand muscles

3. It can be very therapeutic for children, allowing them to portray their emotions without even uttering a word!

4. Finger painting actually can make the child feel more connected to their artwork. The fact their fingers have created the marks on paper rather than another tool, allows them to feel more in touch with what they have done.

5. Children can learn on a first hand basis about mixing colours and creating new ones, often purely by accident!

6. It is an activity which can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. Great news if you are not too keen on mess as you can just let the rain wash it all away!

7. It is a fantastic way to get babies interested in painting, especially as they can do the finger painting in their highchair!

So get finger painting, and why not get involved yourselves! If it is good enough for a child, it is definitely good enough for us too!

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