Monday, 8 April 2013

E is for ..................Energy

                              They are full of it! Energy to envy even the Duracel Bunny!

Toddlers and energy. It sometimes seems constant, and even when you think you have worn them out,they are still wanting to cause more havoc! An article in the Daily Mail last year stated that research had found that the daily antics of a toddler can total the equivalent adult energy of 83 rounds in a boxing ring!

The truth is......the world is far to exciting to let pass by! As adults, we forget what it is like to experience life for the first time. Being able to run, laugh and shout are thing we take for granted, but for a child it is something they have just discovered and boy does it make an impact on those around them!

This is where the adults come in........ we are there to supervise, monitor and often try to rein in this mindless array of energy. The best thing to do is help them loose this energy by joining in with them. Whether you decide to roll down the hill with them, chase them along the field or find ways of harnessing it indoors with soft play or large motor play activities.

We adults then collapse with a huge sigh of relief when they sleep and recharge those batteries to do it all again the next day! No wonder we are so tired trying to keep up with them!

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