Friday, 5 April 2013

D is for............Dreams!

               We all have dreams, and we should encourage our children to reach them!
Ok, so this post is a little different in the fact that I am using it to showcase my dream which came true!
We have all had goals and aspirations when growing up. I cannot say that this is a dream which has been one since a child, as I cannot remember that it has. What I do remember is that as a child, I made my first book at school.

It was about an ant...... a queen ant. I don't even remember the story, just that I worked hard on the pictures and the teacher thought it was so good, it got laminated and put in the school library! Then, I turned to writing poetry, spurred on by my parents, I entered competitions and was lucky enough to get one poem published in an anthology whilst in my teens.

I got the bug and wrote a children's story which I sent to a children's publisher, without illustrations as I was not that confident that I could do them justice! I got a rejection letter, saying my story was not unique enough. ( I still have the story.........maybe there could be hope for it now!) It put me right down and I never pursued it further.

Starting this website got me thinking. Maybe I could have another try. With the help of my husband and a great artist called Daniel Cole, I have self published my first ever children's story "Mrs Handbag and the magic seed" My parents are still there, encouraging and praising me, proving that it doesn't matter how old your children are, you should encourage them to reach their dreams!

I am very proud to hear that I have inspired a ten year old girl into creating her own children's story (thanks to Ash for sharing this with me!) and my daughter is in love with the story too, which is all I need to inspire myself to keep going. Her dream at the moment is to be Tinkerbell. Well, it is true that not all dreams can necessarily become reality, but I do my best to enhance her dreams and aspirations now and as she gets older and help her to fulfil as much of them as I can, as well as teaching her that with hard work and patience anything can happen.

This is what my story is about too. If you would like a copy please email me at (UK only) They are selling at £7 each, plus £1.70 postage and packaging (more for multiple orders)

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