Thursday, 4 April 2013

C is for Crying

                                Crying is a baby's way of communicating their needs

It seems an obvious thing to say, but babies cry. Toddlers cry. In fact, we all cry some times! Babies do have the lead when it comes to frequency! In fact, most babies spend seven per cent of the day crying! That's a lot of tears!!

But it is the only way babies can tell us they are upset, uncomfortable or even just plain bored!! After a while parents seem to understand their own babies cry to gain some sort of idea as to what could be the problem. I personally never thought I could tell the difference! I just thought to myself "oh, it's 3pm they need a feed" or "She is due a change"  It can be quite frustrating when your child is crying and you do not know the cause of it, it happens to all parents!

The main reasons you baby may cry are :

1. Hunger
2. Too hot/cold

3. Uncomfortable (soiled or wet nappy, for example)

4. Tired

5. Needing comfort

6. Boredom

7.  Needing reassurance (scared or over stimulated)

8. Feeling unwell

It can be most difficult when you have tried to look for all the above and yet the baby is still crying.  Excessive crying can be because the child is very unwell and therefore you may wish to seek medical advice. Babies can pick up on your stress, which can prolong a crying session, so it is worth sometimes giving yourself a break and allowing someone else to soothe them. This itself can be quite frustrating, when you have been trying and failing to calm a crying baby and then someone else takes over and they stop!!! This often is purely because the baby is picking up on your stress and tiredness!!

Other ways to soothe a crying child are to:

1. Play them some calming music or sing to them

2. Create some white noise by switching on the vacuum cleaner or washing machine (my daughter preferred the hair dryer!!

3. Swaddling - many babies feel safe and secure when swaddled in a blanket

4. Movement - going for a walk outside in the pram or for a drive in the car

5. Offering a comforter, such as a blanket, soft toy or dummy, if you are using one

Remember, if you are ever concerned about a baby's crying, seek advice from a professional such as your health visitor or GP

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