Wednesday, 3 April 2013

B is for....................Bricks!

                                     How Bricks can benefit your child's development

Bricks are fantastic! They come made in different materials.......babies can explore cloth bricks, plastic bricks and my personal favourite, wooden bricks! They come in different sizes and shapes, different colours and shades and can create whole new worlds and objects with a little imagination!

So, what can children gain from exploring bricks?

1. Creative Development - Children can create new worlds and connect the bricks to make objects familiar to them. They learn how to create these objects in different scales....little bugs become large models and houses become miniaturised!!

2. Physical Development - Children use their gross and fine motor skills to create their own designs. The larger the brick, the bigger the muscles used to build them. Bricks can be brought for outdoor play which encourage lifting and placing and are great for building gross motor skills.

3. Mathematical Development - Children learn concepts such as "more" and "less" when designing what they need to build with. They begin to recognise shape, colour and positioning through building with the bricks. Counting is also great with bricks......"How many can you build before it falls?" "How many bricks does it need to build a tower as tall as you?" This also leads way to discussions about length and measures too!
Children also learn how to create 3-D structures!

4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World -  From understanding spacial awareness to exploring textures and materials, children begin to explore the world using bricks. Giving them the opportunity to plan, design and make constructions allows children to begin understanding how buildings are constructed in the real world. They need to think about what works and what doesn't when building structures.

5. Communication skills -  By getting children to discuss with others how they plan to build their constructions and teaching them new vocabulary to do with their materials etc, communication can be enhanced by the use of bricks!

6. Personal and Social Development - You can encourage children to work in groups with bricks to create buildings and constructions together. They will learn team work and how to interact with others in order to get a job done (Just like Bob the Builder!)

So, bricks are not just all about building towers and knocking them down (although that is how it starts with all children - another learning curve "what goes up must come down!") So, get out that Lego, Duplo, Mega block set or wooden bricks and get building!!

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