Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The latest "help" for working parents

                 The Government has announced is new ideas on helping working parents

It is not easy being a working parent with the rising costs of childcare and the fact that wages don't seem to rise all that easily. The pressure has been on the Government to help the hardest working families to make childcare more affordable. The whole idea of ratio changes in the childcare sector has hit rather a bum note with many (including me!) so what of the latest idea?

Well, parents who earn a joint income of up to £300,000 will be eligible for tax free childcare support worth £1,200 a year in a new scheme unveiled today by Nick Clegg and David Cameron. The plan will mean that parents can get 20% of their childcare costs up to £6,000 a year, which they are hailing as "a boost direct to the pockets of hardworking families"

Every little helps, right? But, many would argue that this new offer to working parents is too little too late, especially as this will not come into effect until Autumn 2015. That is years away and does not help the parents right now who are struggling. And what about those hard working single parents? The new idea is for parents who are both in work. Cuts to the child benefit recently mean that families with three children are losing out on a whopping £4,000 in equivalent to a salary reduction. That is an awful lot of money to be losing out on!!

So, for any new Mum wondering whether or not they should go back to work after the birth of their baby, there are no real incentives here. You could wait till 2015, but it is never easy for mums to go back to work at any point after having children. Many wait until their children go into school full time before thinking about re joining the workforce, and still find it extremely difficult to do so. (I have often thought about waiting until my children are in school, but with plans for another child in the future, i could be looking at a good 7 years at least out of work!!)

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