Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Internet is our new Mum!!

                 More Parents are turning to Google, rather than to their Mums!!

If there is something I am not sure of, I call my Mum. I always have. She was there on the end of a phone when I was concerned about my daughters breathing (turned out to be Croup) and she is the voice of reason when I am totally losing it!! But, research by Google and Bounty have found that Mums are now more digital savvy, preferring to search the Internet for the answers that have for so many generations beforehand has come from Mothers.

It is an interesting point. I do admit, I have joined several groups on Social media sites and also look at Netmums, all giving Mums loads of advice. I suppose when you think about it, I wouldn't be doing this if people were not on the Internet looking for advice.

I still think it is good to get advice from your parents though. I think a mixture of all advice from parents, professionals and on line sources can give a wide range of ideas. It can also make parents worry more, sometimes unnecessarily.

Have a think about it........so you Google more often then ask your Mum when it comes to parenting problems???                     

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