Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The first signs of spring!

                                       Introducing the signs of Spring to your little one!

The weather has briefly improved, as have the moods of my daughter and I!! It is true that a little sunshine makes you feel better on the inside, and with all the added bonuses of being able to get outside and get your vitamin D doses, it is a perfect time to get out and explore spring!

Yesterday and today on our little journeys out, we have been exploring the nature around us and I was asking my daughter to see if she could spot new flowers coming up. We found yellow and purple crocuses as well as daffodils! We have also been lucky enough to have been given some frog spawn from Grandads pond!


Already the spawn has been hatching into tadpoles! We were given the spawn in a jam jar with a lid, but this is not really ideal for a longer term home for the tadpoles, as they need plenty of oxygen and space to grow. We therefore placed them into a spare washing up bowl. Luckily, being white, it means my daughter can still see what is going on inside and plus it also means they can go outside. I protected them with a grate on top so that they don't get eaten by birds!

Already this has sparked some interest in my daughter, who is perplexed as to how these little black dots are going to be frogs one day! She has been making her own tadpoles out of the black playdough we made yesterday, and has taken some to her Pre school for her friends to watch grow! She has also remembered we have a story in her collection about tadpoles, "Tadpoles promise" which she has been asking for! (Although I find that story a bit sad!!)

If you have the opportunity to get some tadpoles for your child to watch grow, make sure you are prepared for the different stages they go through! The water container should not be too deep, as they will need to be able to get out once they have fully developed! You will need to make sure there is some of the pond water in the water you use and that you do not change the water too frequently. We have already lost a few tadpoles because we have moved them about a bit.

Feeding the tadpoles is a must too. Some fish food will help this and lettuce is the best food to feed them! You can find out more about caring for tadpoles at




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