Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Poorly Children in the childcare setting

                           The Ill child in a childcare setting...........better safe then sorry!

Today was the first time I have received a phone call from my daughters Pre school to go and collect her because she was ill. She was suffering from stomach ache and a slight temperature. I dashed as quickly as I could to go and get her, hoping she was alright as she had been fine when I had dropped her off!

It is totally bizarre being the other side of it. I remember having to phone many a parent to come and collect their child, the odd one being quite harassed that they had been phoned at work and would have to leave. The truth is, settings will only phone if they are genuinely concerned about a child's health. There was my little angel sitting with a member of staff "I want to go home, Mummy" she cried "My tummy hurts". She did feel warm, bless her so I put her in her pushchair (I wasn't going to make her walk home if she was ill!) and wrapped her up.

We have a totally different child here now! I do not doubt that she was unwell (she definitely had a bit of a bad tummy, bless her) but it is quite hard to believe she had to be sent home if you could see her now! This is something else which often happens with poorly children......they can often perk up with the sight of their parent arriving! I have seen this happen too, and the parent stares at you and says "So you are telling me they are ill??" If the child has a temperature, or has been sick or had diarrhoea, they will be sent home. Sometimes a child can seem well within their behaviour, but have a high temperature. The arrival of a parent often makes them feel safe again and can cause a surge of energy, even when ill!!

As an ex nursery nurse I understand the real importance of sending children home when they show signs of illness. As a parent I also see that by sending my daughter home, they were also protecting the other children in their care. You cannot tell if the stomach ache is from a bug or not, in which case by being there, my child could be spreading the germs to other children. I would much rather she is resting at home then feeling unwell at Pre school. Luckily on this occasion, there is no high temperature and it was purely a result of something she had eaten ( I have a suspicion she may have had too many blueberries yesterday!) but I am a full believer of "Better to be safe then sorry"

It is tough for working parents. Sometimes workplaces are not so helpful when it comes to letting their staff off to collect ill children from school or preschool, which can leave a parent torn. It also causes issues when a parent has to take time off sick to care for a sick child, as they inevitably lose money by doing so. I can see this side of it, but in my mind the welfare of my daughter is the number one priority, and the thought of her being ill in her childcare setting makes me feel really upset.

What are your thoughts???

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