Friday, 29 March 2013

Have a Happy Easter!

                                              Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!
I would like to start this post by congratulating Laura and her daughter Ellie on creating this lovely hand print bunny picture for Easter! It is lovely, you two!! So great to see people trying out activities they have seen on this website and creating lovely masterpieces!

So, it is Easter!! A great time to celebrate new beginnings. Many people use Easter as a time to create new beginnings in their lives as well as celebrating the religious aspect of the holidays. I always feel that it important for children to understand the meanings of such religious festivals, even if you are not from a religious family yourselves. My daughter is a little young in my eyes to be taught about the death and resurrection of Jesus, but I still like to share with her the idea of new beginnings.

We have been talking a lot about flowers starting to grow, even stopping to study some new leaves shooting from a tree on the way home from Pre school the other day.  We are hoping if the weather is fine on Easter Sunday, we may go to the local farm to see the baby animals, which we did last year. She loved cuddling the baby chicks and rabbits and seeing the little lambs, which are all such lovely signs of Spring and the new beginnings emerging around us at this time of year. Of course, we do also have our tadpoles still, which are still swimming strong (no signs of legs yet though!!)

So, however you celebrate Easter, just remember it is not all about chocolate eggs and hot cross buns.......these things were created and shared at Easter for a reason. If you are lucky enough to get some dry weather, get out there and enjoy the Spring (It will get here eventually, I am sure!!)

Happy Easter!!

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