Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter painting activity

         Starting a week of Easter themed activities for you.........handprint rabbits!!

This week being the run up to Easter, I will be bringing you a week of Easter activity ideas! I saw this idea online and thought it is a fantastic and simple activity which is so effective and great for Easter cards or just to create a lovely Easter picture!

All you need is some paper, brown paint, white and pink pom poms, googly eyes and any spring type stickers you may have (flowers, birds, butterflies etc) and a pen.

Paint your child's hand, leaving out 3 fingers. By painting just two fingers, you get the effect of ears and they look great!! Stick on googly eyes and the pom poms to create noses and tails and then draw on whiskers and teeth if you wish!! My daughter then helped finish of her special handprint rabbits by sticking butterflies and flowers around the page and finding a green crayon to draw grass for them to eat!! She was so proud of her picture, it had to go up on the wall straight away!

Definitely worth a try!!!

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