Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Activity Number 4.........Easter Bunny puzzle!!

                     Create your own Easter Bunny Puzzle for your child to stick together!

Want to make a picture, but your child cannot quite draw recognisable pictures yet? Why not try to create a rabbit using your own picture!

All you need is a pencil, some scissors, a marker pen, crayons/pens, paper and glue. Draw a rabbit shape, making sure each piece has a gap between one another so you can cut them out. I used an egg shaped body, because it is an Easter Bunny after all!!

Once you have cut out each piece, you can colour it or get your child to colour it. I decided to colour ours as I felt it made the pieces stand out better for my daughter to see on this occasion. Once coloured, you can find another piece of paper (I decided on a nice Easter Yellow!) and then ask your child to stick each piece where you think it may go.

This is my daughters Easter Bunny Puzzle picture :

If you prefer, you can always find a Easter Rabbit picture online and cut out each piece (colouring sheet websites are great for this) As long as you chose a picture which can be cut out cleanly and not too fiddly!!

Give it a try!!

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