Friday, 8 March 2013

A little something for Mothers Day

                                          How being a Mum has made an impact on me

This Mothers Day weekend is going to be special. It is hard when you so want to be with your Mums to share the day but then realise that you are a Mum yourself, and need to make sure you celebrate with your children too! We have split the weekend to do just that........tomorrow is for my Mum and Mother in law and then Sunday is reserved for a Mothers Day outing with my little daughter.

Thinking about Mothers Day has made me really think about what it really means to be a Mum. I have always advocated on here how precious our Mums are, but when you are a Mum yourself, you really get a sense of how tough a job it really is.

We all have bad days as Mums. I had one the other day, tired from my little "angel" waking me up in the night and faced with another day of tantrums and moaning from my lovely two year old, I had a little cry on my husbands shoulder who was escaping rapidly through the front door to get to work. It is not that I am ungrateful for being in the position of being at home with our daughter, I just had a bit of a meltdown! A total different feeling from earlier in the week when I was out singing in the sunshine, holding my little girls hand!

This is just it, as a Mum you can be so many different people within one week! It is a highly emotional job and extremely tiring too! I find myself easily frustrated by the two year old mood swings, treading on egg shells when I speak to her, as I am not sure of her reaction! I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day who is having the same thing with her daughter at the moment!

But then there are the positives. Having your child ask you if we are "still my friend" after a while sat on the naughty step. the cuddles and kisses "I love you so much, Mummy" and the huge thanks I receive for the smallest of deeds ( I received one for making jam on the toast this morning, like it was the best meal I had ever created!) The pictures she has drawn for me, the smiles she gives me and the joy of watching her grow in confidence and becoming a wonderful little girl right before my eyes.

 Yeah, that kinda makes up for all the mood swings!

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