Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Childcare Professional's Oath

    Finding an old assignment has made me remember the importance of practitioners in childcare

It has been a long time since I have worked with children. I do miss the laughter and enjoyment I shared with many a Pre schooler! I was going through some paperwork from my University days (which again, I miss in terms of the fab people I met!) and I came across one of the first things I was asked to complete in my first year. An oath.

This oath had to some up what I was willing to do as a practitioner and Early years professional, and being a bit of a poet in my time, I decided to get creative with it. It has plenty of motes all over it from the tutor, but I am particularly proud of it, and therefore am going to share it with all you Practitioners out there. Read it and if you like it, share it with your colleagues (I don't mind!!)

A Childcare Professionals Oath  by Clair Maskell
I, as an Early Years Professional in my own right,
Promise to on no occasion lose sight
Of the rights of the individual children in my care
Rregardless of the background that brings them there

I promise to keep their information confidential
To share my expertise and become influential.
I will listen to opinions even if I disagree
Constructive criticism makes a better "me"

I endeavour to never be afraid to air my views
To believe in myself and the practice I do.
I will aim to learn something new everyday
About myself, the children and learning through play.

I will keep my eyes and ears open to observe and reflect
To treat everyone around me with mutual respect,
Each child with me should feel values and unique
As a knowledge of life from me they will seek.

I, in my special role every day
Will celebrate the individual in every way
And always will remember the similarities we share
With parents and staff.... I will show that I care!

I, as an Early Years Professional will strive to endeavour
The strength of community which binds professionals, parents and children together
And everyday I shall hold my head high and say
"I made a difference to a child today"

I hope some of this inspires you professionals out there. You are not always recognised enough for the hard work you do for the future generations. Keep up the good work!!

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