Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Threading with pasta

                         Creating pasts necklaces to help boost confidence and self esteem

Threading is a fantastic activity for encouraging children's hand-eye co-ordination and physical development. But, it is also fantastic for building a child's self esteem and confidence. My daughter was extremely interested in creating a simple pasta necklace using tube pasta and some string, but soon realised it was a little tricky to master!

It took a lot of concentration and a lot of guidance from me to encourage her to try it for herself. As she is 2 years old, some frustration did set in, but with a little gentle persuasion, she was able to master some of the threading technique.

I will be looking at threading again in the future as it is a great activity to do with children which leads to many learning experiences. You can find out more about today's activity by checking out my latest youtube post here :

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