Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Worries Of A New Parent

           It is a daunting moment when you realise you are going to be a first time parent!

I was chatting to some soon-to-be parents the other day, and they were asking me lots of questions about becoming parents for the first time. Being honest, I started to realise I wasn't paining such a great picture of parenthood when the Mum-to-be started adding things to her "worry" list!!

Then I remembered what it was like. The joy, the wonder and the sheer are going to be a parent. Forever. What the hell do I do??? There are many worries new parents face, which are all perfectly natural. Some common concerns are :

Will my baby be well when they arrive?

Will I be a good parent?

How will I know when they are unwell?

Will my baby like me?

What if I cant love my baby?

How can I protect my baby?

These are just some of the worries. That along with the actual process of birth, there is often so much worry going through a new parents mind.  It can be quite a stressful and worrying time, but how do new parents stop these worries from taking over?

It is only natural to have these nerves. Parents will always worry about their children. My main worry during pregnancy was feeling Empty once my baby was born, I was so used to my bump!! The thing is to keep yourself from getting too hung up on the "what ifs". Try and concentrate on the positives like "I am going to have a baby!" and "I can't wait to hold their hand".....think about what you are looking forward to doing with your new addition, rather than concentrate on what could go wrong.

Positive vibes help your unborn baby to feel good vibes too!! Maybe writing down the worries the new mum to be had helped her to make sense of her thoughts. By combining a positive list to it, it could help things! There may be more worries than positive thoughts, but some people find writing things down a way of getting rid of their concerns.

What was/are your main fears as a new parent?


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