Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Teaching your child letters..........in the bath!!

                                      Make your own sponge letters for bath play!!

Whilst looking around for ideas to create something new and fun, I came across this idea for making your own sponge letters for the bath!! All you need is some coloured sponge cleaners, a pen and some scissors. You can use templates printed off of the Internet if you prefer, but I did mine by hand!

Simply draw the letter onto your sponge and carefully cut them out. I have started with just doing the letters of my daughters name. She loves the way they stick on the side of the bath, and she can spell out her name over and over again!! Once she has grasped that, I am going to make more letters to allow her to spell other words and names!!

                    Another great thing is that you do not have to stick to letters! You can do numbers or any shapes you like!! It is fun, quick and easy and a great educational way to spend your bathtime!!!

Give it a go!!

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