Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rainbow Colour Matching Fun!!

                               Try out this fantastic Rainbow and Pom Pom matching picture!

I have always liked simple activities, and found that they are the ones which my daughter enjoys most. Today, we looked at matching colours using Pom Poms. I did find it a little hard to find all the colours we needed for the activity when buying the Pom Poms, but my daughter didn't seem to mind too much!

I found this idea at Which has the link for the rainbow printout. Once you have the coloured Pom Poms, it is all about getting your child to match the colours on the sheet. We chose to glue them in the white circles, but you could laminate the sheet and use Velcro to create the activity over and over again!

My daughter was very proud of her efforts and we had great discussions about the colours and laughs when we pretended they went in different places!  Using different sized Pom Poms also led to further conversation about "big" and "small".

It is a great simple activity and definitely worth a go with your toddler!!

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