Monday, 4 February 2013

Painting with...................foil!!

              Fed up with your toddler creating a big, brown mess every time you paint??

Many parents find it very frustrating when their child paints and creates a brown picture by the end of it, yet they started with bright colours! One way to get a colourful picture from a painting is to use tin foil!

Stretch some foil out on the table (you may wish to tape it down as foil can be easily ripped at times!) You can add some washing up liquid or PVA glue to the paint, which will prevent it from peeling once it is dried) Get your child to paint on the foil. My daughter loved the sound her brush made as it swept across the foil! In fact, she was so enthralled, she was painting on it for a long time! The great thing about the foil is that the paint doesn't cause the foil to rip if soaked with paint, whereas sometimes paper can get holes in it if it is repeatedly painted over!

You can then take a print of the foil by covering the picture with A4 paper, giving you a colourful picture to keep!! You can also keep the final foil picture, if it doesn't get ripped.
My daughter realised she could make fantastic circular motions with the brush, as the shininess of the foil made the motions more slicker and defined. It was a really great way to paint with a brush but still get a new effect!!


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