Monday, 25 February 2013

Mummy's Birthday - time to Rock my Inner Mama!!

              It's Mummy's birthday today, but that doesn't change a thing! I need a mantra!

It is my birthday today. My daughter was extremely excited about it all. Well this morning anyway! It was great to have her bounding in my room this morning shouting "Happy Birthday Mummy!", but once Daddy had left for work, it was all business as usual, with tantrums and grumpiness ensuing as well as the housework calling!!

And that is just isn't the same as it used to be when we were children and had the whole day with presents, cards and parties, I am a Mum now, so birthdays are the same as any other day! The washing doesn't disappear by itself for one day! It has been pretty stressful, but I have had something to try out which actually came in quite handy today. "Rock your Inner Mama" is the perfect help to encourage a mother to calm down!

Rachel Sklar, qualified parenting coach, has created a CD to help out parents who sometimes feel a bit stressed, or need a pick up........ok its for every parent then! I had a stressful moment today, and went straight to track 4 "At your wits end" It is all about cooling the temperature down, and you can even do it with your child with you. Its like meditation for mummies, and so you know what? It is really good!! I am considering putting it on my Ipod for when I am in bed and need to wind down!

The combination of calming music and Rachel's soft voice, makes you feel at ease! It is great when she is telling you how she understands how you are feeling are not the only one!!

You can check out a sample of her CD at It is definitely worth a listen! Right, I am off to see if I can celebrate what is left of the day!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Claire! I'm thrilled to know that the CD was an extra treat for you on your birthday. You're so right about the way birthdays change upon becoming a parent. Perhaps my next CD will have a Rock Your Inner Birthday track. :) I'll share your blog on the ViaParenting Twitter and Facebook pages. Cheers!