Friday, 22 February 2013

Let's get painting........with cars!!

                     Have a go at painting with cars........great for physical development!!

It is that time again! We have been busy discovering another way to paint, this time with toy cars! This was always a favourite in the settings where I have worked, as the car wheels make fantastic marks on the paper!

We chose three cars of different sizes with different tracks on the wheels, My daughter then selected some coloured paper (pink) and also three paints to use (two shades of green and copper brown!!) The activity is good on A4 paper, but works a lot better with larger sheets as the children love to roll the cars across the page as much as they can!!

If you have the space and enough paper, you can cover the floor with paper and allow your child to "drive" the car across the floor! This allows them to have the freedom of movement which comes so naturally with this activity!! It is fantastic for physical development and spatial awareness. They can experiment with large, sweeping movements, smaller movements and also experiment with making the cars turn corners etc to fill up the page!!

It is definitely an activity worth trying, especially if you have a child who likes cars but is not so keen on painting.....what better way to get them to explore their creative side!!

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