Friday, 1 February 2013

Kitchen roll cuff bracelets!!

                                          Try this fantastic activity with your child!!

This activity is so good, I had to try it!! All you need is:

1 kitchen or toilet roll
Some scissors
Paint (any colour your child wants!)
Other materials for sticking you would like!

Carefully cut the tube to make a smaller one, long enough for your child's arm but not too long!! Cut a slit from the bottom of the tube to the top. Paint the "cuff" whatever colour you like.

Once the cuff is dry (I sped things up with a hairdryer!) Choose the items you wish to stick on and glue them onto the cuff. My daughter chose a seashell she found at the beach and some glitter. Shake off any excess glitter and leave to dry (you can speed this up with the hairdryer too if your child is eager to wear the finished bracelet!!

And there you have it....... a lovely sparkly cuff bracelet! perfect for dressing up and having a bit of fun with!! As you can see, my daughter enjoyed modelling hers!! She really enjoyed the whole process and the fact that she could chose what she wanted it to look like! Give it a go!!

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