Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Just what is in playdoh?

                           Have you ever wondered just what is in shop bought Playdoh?

I must admit, I had never really thought about the ingredients in the branded Playdoh you can buy in the shops. I suppose because I know how to make homemade playdough, I had never really given it a second thought. I know it has the most unique smell, an unmistakable scent which many people can identify straight away!! It wasn't until I stumbled upon one of my husbands work  magazines in the house and began flicking through it, that I came across an article all about Playdoh and what is inside it!

The article basically listed the ingredients, some of which are used for other rather interesting things.
Here is the list :

* DOUGH : made from wheat which contains a high level of gluten. This is what gives Playdoh it's elasticity! This is why all playdough recipes have flour in them!

* SALT : This makes sure that the water in Playdough does not become a breeding ground for microbes. Again, salt is used in all playdough recipes!!

* SCENT : Originally, the scent used in Playdoh was almond essence, but now Vanillin is used instead. This could be because of the rise in nut allergies in children.

* ALUMINIUM SULPHATE : This ingredient stiffens the dough and creates a bitter taste, meaning it will not taste so nice for anyone who tries it!!

* POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOSTEARATE : This is an emulsifier which helps the mineral oils in the dough blend.

* SODIUM BORATE : This helps to prevent germs breeding in the dough. It is also an ingredient used in cockroach poisons!

* DYES : To colour the dough. All dyes used in Playdoh are safe, just in case it ever gets eaten!!

* MINERAL OIL : Acts as a lubricant making it malleable and not too sticky!

* AMYLOPECTIN : Basically starch and widely used to stiffen fabrics and to bind food!

Play doh is safe to use. Hasbro, it's creators say: "A favourite for generations, PLAY-DOH Modelling Compound has always been non-toxic and non-irritating. It’s made primarily from three basic everyday cooking ingredients - water, salt and flour. In fact, PLAY-DOH Modelling Compound’s makeup is so reliably safe that the product is not even required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) hazard communication standard to have a Material Safety Data Sheet. As toys go, it’d be hard to find one that’s more sustainable."

It is just interesting to know sometimes what goes into some of the things our children play with. I am and always have been happy for my daughter to play with the brand Play doh, but think that nothing beats making your own!!!

Information found in Wired Magazine Dec 2012

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