Sunday, 3 February 2013

Children leaving Primary school "Physically Illiterate"

                     Schools are apparently not putting the money into Physical Education

You hear it about a lot of subjects.....there is not enough money going into the funds for our children's education. This time, I came across an article in the London Evening standard which my husband brought home on the 16th January.

The article claimed that the head of UK sport had underlined how children leaving primary school were unable to throw a ball, catch, run or jump. And those children who were interested in taking up sports after the Olympics spurred them on last year, are missing out because the teachers just are not trained well enough to help them.

It got me thinking about my PE memories of school. In Junior school, I recall being part of a gymnastics club, which I really enjoyed and was sad to leave when I moved house. To be honest, this is the only real memory I have of sports before secondary school, but it was in secondary school that I started showing an interest in Tennis and played for the school Hockey team. The teachers we had for PE were very enthusiastic (and maybe a little satanic making us run around the school fields in the rain for cross country!!) But, my school friends and I still discuss them now!! Even today a friend of mine was recalling our aerobic classes at school!

I really hope that our daughter has some interest in sport. I was most delighted that she came home from Pre school the other day saying how she had played football with the other children outside, and this is at aged just 2! I like to encourage her to catch, kick a ball and jump around, even if it is jumping in a muddy puddle when off to feed the ducks today, every little helps to encourage the skills they need to be able to take part in sports in later life. When you think about it, being able to catch, run, jump and throw are the basics of so many sports and if they cannot do these, how can they get to take part in these games at all?


  1. Comment from Sam via email: "I agree. There are people saying the young people of Britain are getting heavier in weight, but it seems to be that schools arent doing enough.
    Children are more concerned with playing video games then getting fit,but is that because they are not educated enough about the effects of bad food can be if you do not weigh it out with good excercise?

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