Monday, 11 February 2013

Celebrate Chinese New Year the messy way!!

Noodle printing creates such  a fun activity!!

Cook some noodles for your lunch or dinner and save some for you child to play with!! I admit, I cooked a batch especially for the activity, but I am using the leftovers (check out the website later this week!) Just add the cooked noodles to some paint and you are away! We decided on red, yellow and bronze to add a Chinese feel to the activity!

The great thing about this activity is that with it being the year of the snake, you can pretend the strands of noodles are tiny snakes! My daughter decided they were wiggly worms! There were plenty of learning experiences happening with this one activity. She found long worms which stretched out and little ones which didn't stretch as far, enhancing her mathematical knowledge.

But, the activity began to take a turn which I didn't expect as she used her imagination to take her learning even further. To see this, you can check out my first ever YouTube video! Take a look and see what your child can learn from such a simple activity!

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