Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Blurb photobook review

                 Ever wanted to be an author? Or create a special gift for someone?

Photo books are all the rage these days! There are plenty out there on the market, but what if you wanted something of great quality which looks more like a book than a glossy photo album?

Blurb may have the answer! I have always like the idea of creating a book of my own which I can look at and be proud of, so I decided to make a one off original through Blurb at their website Blurb

The process is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. Just download their book making program onto your computer and decide what type of book you want to create and the templates you wish to use. I chose to use a recipe book template, but instead of using food recipes, I decided to do a craft recipe idea, with playdough recipes etc.

You can choose the colour schemes, page layout and any extra decorations you wish to use to make your book. This is great, but can be time consuming if you keep changing your mind!! You then decide what paper you want your book to be made with, the jacket, hard or soft back.......the lists are endless! I decided to go with the simple and cheapest options as it was my first book and yet the quality was still fantastic when it arrived!!

The delivery itself was quite swift too, considering it was shipped from overseas! I was really pleased with how quick and efficient the whole process was! The only thing I would say, is make sure you do double check when you proof read! I made a mistake in the back of my book and where it was late in the evening and I didn't re check, the book has a little mistake in it.

Another great point about the Blurb site is that they offer you the chance to sell your book in their online bookshop, as well as create an e book for your Ipad! The copyright of any book you create is yours and printed clearly in the book itself.  All you do is set up a sales account on the website and you receive the profit (100 per cent for hard copies, 80 per cent for E books)

So whether you fancy creating a great gift for a special parent or Grandparent using pictures of your child or create a recipe book for your child to inherit one day, I would definitely recommend Blurb!! Just hit the link below and give it a try!! And who knows, watch this space "Childcare Clair's Recipes for fun" may one day be available to buy through Blurb


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