Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Another Chinese New Year Activity

                       Why not try some messy play to celebrate Chinese New Year!

After all the excitement of our noodle printing earlier this week, I had a few left over noodles which I didn't want to get rid of! I remembered that noodle play was often a favourite in some of the settings I had worked in and decided to let me daughter loose with them!

Again, I made her aware that the noodles were not really made for eating, but if she had of done they would not have done any harm (they were only cold noodles after all!) I grabbed a few items to aid the play such as plates, spoons and tubs with lids and allowed her to explore. I have done this activity in a setting before for Chinese New Year and used chopsticks to add some fine motor skills to the process, but I didn't have any at home!! (If you do use them, make sure the children are supervised)

This activity helps children to explore texture and uses the senses to enhance their learning. My daughter started serving me up plates of noodles for dinner and enjoyed putting them into the containers to serve from. She also began to talk about long noodles and smaller noodles, where I was able to explain the concepts of long and short to her

This activity can be explored in so many could colour the noodles with food colouring to make them look more appealing, for example! Expand the children's vocabulary by discussing with the children the feeling of the noodles and what they are doing with them as they play. This all adds to the learning experience!!

Try it out!!

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