Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What is your parenting style?


Just what parenting style do you use?

 I have quite a strict nature, I always have done. I have always believed that being firm and assertive allows children to understand where they stand with you and just what the boundaries are. I do feel that this also leads to children giving their respect. But sometimes, you can take being strict too far which does not quite have the same influence on a child's behaviour.

There are many parenting styles out there and many people either follow one or a mixture of a few styles, depending on their individual beliefs. No style is right or wrong, it totally depends on the type of people you are and what your personal ethos is. Here are the 5 most common parenting styles used today :

Instinctive parenting :  Simply as it suggests, this style is where you just go with your natural instincts and gut feeling.  These feelings come from how you were raised by your parents and is a very personal, individual way of parenting.

Attachment parenting : Is where the parents aim for a strong emotional bond with their child. They respond promptly to their children's needs and are constantly available emotionally for them. The idea behind this style is that the child becomes more secure and peaceful person.

Helicopter parenting :  Here, the parents are constantly aware and interacting with their children's lives. Hence the "hovering" like a helicopter! Too much helicoptering, however, can lead to a child becoming smothered and extremely reliant on you as parents throughout their lives!

Authoritative parenting: This is the "strict" style. Authoritative parents typically lay down lots of rules and expect them to be followed. As strict as it may sound, the idea behind it is that parents are assertive but also to support them rather than punish them.

Permissive parenting : These parents are quite lenient when it comes to discipline. They often try to be more of a friends than a parent and make very few demands on their children.

Every parenting style has it's pros and cons. I think many parents use a mixture of these styles. I know looking at them that I do. I am sure looking at them you can probably think of people who use one style over others..... we have all met a permissive parent at some point or another!!

So, what is your style????


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