Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Scarf play!!

This cold weather can lead to new indoor experiences too!!

Being so very cold, the wintry clothes are well and truly in use. Not only are they perfect for keeping us warm in the Arctic conditions, but they are also a great learning tool!! My daughter found this out yesterday when she asked to see Mummy's scarf! What she didn't realise is that I had a bit of a collection!

This is the magical thing about scarves......they come in all different lengths and materials, meaning there are plenty of learning opportunities in amongst a pile! You can get woolly scarves and silky scarves, meaning a child can feel the difference in texture and learn the vocabulary to go with how they feel "Warm", "silky", "smooth", "woolly" etc. They are also fantastic for mathematical development, as they can be sorted into colours and stretched out to see which ones are the longest.

Of course, the best fun is to dress up in them! My little one couldn't wait to see how many she could wrap around her neck (please make sure you supervise your child here, just in case) and then she realised they could be stretched out...this lead to a whole new thread of play. She began to make a "party" laying out the scarves and putting plates and cups on each one, a bit like a picnic! She told me the party was for "all her friends and Nanna and Grandma" and she was very precise in laying each one out as she wanted them. In fact, it took her a good 6 minutes to create it how she wanted until it was "ready for all the people"!!

So grab out your scarf collection, or if you are in a childcare setting, you could always check out your local charity shops for scarves to share with the children. It is a fantastic activity they can do again and again!

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