Thursday, 24 January 2013

Potty training journeys!!

                       The best thing to do with a potty training child is be prepared!!

We have been pretty lucky with our daughter since we potty trained her. She is still having the odd accident here and there, but generally she is doing fine! The only thing is, I have neglected to take her too far out on my own for fear of accidents on the go!

That is something which you do not realise you will encounter when potty training, the emotions involved! It is very daunting taking your child out and about when they are wearing underwear instead of nappies! You have to make sure you know where the nearest toilets are wherever you are going to and you are constantly on "toilet watch"!! Plus, our daughter has found out that when we are shopping and she gets a bit bored, saying "I need a wee wee" gets a great deal of attention her way, even if we gets there and "I not need wee wee now!"

There is also the fear of accidents happening in public places. No matter where you go, people look and stare and tut at you if your child has an accident out and about. I actually was concerned as I had never seen a parent out with a child who had an accident, and I was worried that I would be the only person who this may happen to! Crazy thinking, but its all part of the territory. You have to just bite the bullet and get on with it!

So, today I did it. I took her on a half hour bus trip. I was nervous she would have an accident and took plenty of changes of clothes just in case. I limited her to one cup of milk at breakfast and made sure she had been twice before we left! It was even worse on the way home.....she had had some juice with her lunch and I was concerned as it usually goes straight through her and she was tired too, and we tend to get more incidents when shes tired!

But, all this worrying was unnecessary! She was fine! I am now wondering what all my fuss was about, but I think being prepared for any eventuality helps in these situations! So, my top tips for taking out potty training children is :

1. Be prepared.........take plenty of changes of clothes in case of accidents.

2. Make sure you know where the nearest toilets are wherever you are going.

3. Ask your child frequently if they need to go. If you a walking past a toilet, it is always worth popping in to "try"......just say you need to go (works for me!)

4. Try not to be too worried if an accident occurs - it is embarrassing, but it happens. At the end of the day, they are learning to do something quite tricky!

5. Remain calm - if a child picks up any stress in the event of an accident, it may prolong the process as a whole.

6. Plan your journey with before and after stops. Make sure they go to the toilet before you leave and as soon as you get there.

7. Praise your child for asking to go, or going when asked. It really boosts their confidence!

Me? Im looking forward to our next bus adventure!!

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