Friday, 18 January 2013

Let it snow!

A rare learning experience has appeared in our neighbourhood!!
It has been so long since our daughter last experienced snow. In fact, she was only 4 months old and loved the feel of the snow on her face! Now she is 2 years old, the whole concept of snow has opened a whole new world of learning for her! She couldn't wait to get outside in it and explore!

The first thing she dis was create huge footprints with her wellington boots! She loved the sound her foot made as it was placed down in the snow! She loved picking the snow up in her gloves and throwing it high in the air too! The next thing she wanted to do was to make a snowman....or rather for me to make one!!

I took her for a little walk around the corner for her to see just how snow changes everything! She was so much in awe of the snow on the trees, the birds looking for food and how quiet it was "its quiet mummy, no noise!" she told me!

It was a great opportunity for language too. "cold", "Crunch" "slippery" and "snow angels" just to name a few! It is fantastic how snow can make a child so inquisitive and eager to learn new things! The disruption it causes for adults trying to get about is lost on children at this magical time! Let us all enjoy a snow day in the UK!!!

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