Saturday, 26 January 2013

Learning to read with Reading Eggs

                                        Reading is fun, but it has to start somewhere!!
Being at preschool now, my daughter is starting to recognise the letters of her name. It was something that came as quite a surprise, as she just came out with it at my Mums house saying the sound for "e" when she saw it on  my mums fridge in magnetic letter form.
Children in our schools today are taught to read using "phonics", where they are taught the sounds the letters make in order to help them to find it a little easier to read words when letters are combined.

I will prefer to teach both the letters name and sound, so that my daughter doesn't get too confused when learning the alphabet. But above all, I would like her to find learning to read fun and interesting. There are great tools out there for parents, especially online. One which really has stood out for me is . This colourful website is aimed at school age children, but even my daughter has already picked up a new letter sound by having a go at one of their lessons!

You can join the programme for a free 14 day trial and create a profile for your child to have a go. You can create your own "reading egg" character to help you navigate the lesson maps, and select the stage which is best for your child. With my little one being unable to read, we chose to go right to the beginning and we were sent to a fantastic lesson map! We tried the first lesson, where we meet Sam the ant to teach us all about the letter m. obviously, I had to help my daughter with the mouse work, but she picked up the letter very quickly and was able to recognise it when asked!

The whole site is mixed with games, songs, lessons and virtual books which help children begin to recognise the sounds, names and look of each letter of the alphabet, and as they grow older and understand more, they look at how letters sound together too, such as ee and ad.  The games went down very well with my little one using the playroom section, where you can find sound matching games and shape puzzles, so little ones can get in on the action and still learn a great deal!!

It is well worth trying out the free trial and if you find it useful, you can buy the further access and book kits to help your child's learning further.

As an extra bonus for childcareclair visitors, you can claim a 25% discount on a 12 month subscription after your trial period by using the code READINEGGS until the 31st March. Give it a go, it is well worth it!!

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