Monday, 21 January 2013

Introducing............. the ipotty!!

                    Now is this just a step too far for potty training??

So you are potty training your child and you want a potty your child can use to aid the process. You could go and buy one for 99p in your local supermarket and decorate with stickers (like I did!) or you can buy the Ipotty for about £25 (at the moment it is only in the USA for 40 dollars!)

The idea is that the fitted Ipad slot attached to the potty, keeps your child entertained whilst using the potty. It is supposed to be suitable for children aged from 6 months to 3 years and even has a screen guard to protect the IPad from any little "smears" which your child may create.

I am not convinced by this one to be honest! I know many parents decide to put the potty near to the television for toilet moments and this is just a variation of this, but for me I think this is just going a bit too far with the technical revolution! Surely this idea just encourages children to feel that they need to be engaged at all times and that even going to the toilet should have them attached to a digital screen. I much prefer the hands on approach, reading stories to my daughter on the potty and helping her understand with conversation about the process!

So i guess the future is people on the loo with their IPads rather than a newspaper!!

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