Monday, 7 January 2013

Getting creative with balloons!!

Use balloons to create a different work of art!!
We were given balloons after a New Years party we attended and although fun for a while, the novelty was definitely wearing off, for me at least!! Whilst browsing the Internet, I found a few blogs where people had used balloons for painting activities with their children and thought I would give it a try!!

The balloons do become very slippery in the hands, so be prepared for a good deal of mess!! In fact, I had taken a little change to what I had seen on the blogs, they had used balloons blown smaller so to fit a child's hand better, where as I used them as they were already blown to size. Either is fine, but you may get better results with smaller balloons when working on a small scale.

I placed some paint on a paper plate, using three colours on the one plate. The idea then is that the child can roll the balloon across the colours to create a merge of paint when the balloon is then rolled onto the paper. This worked really well, giving a great effect, especially when using bright colours like I had done!! My daughter loved bouncing the balloon across the page too, although again, this would have been easier with smaller balloons!!

So what learning can children gain from such an activity?

* Physical development - using hand eye co ordination to move the balloon and control it with their hands. (not easy with a slippery balloon!)

* Creative development - exploring colour and creating art in their own way. Making new colours by mixing paints also.

* Mathematical development - by exploring pattern and creating shaped (balloons can give a lovely circular print )

* Language and literacy - Learning to describe how they are using the balloon to paint with words such as "bounce", "Slippery", "Boing!" and "roll"

This idea is also great for doing on an easel, giving a totally different perspective on things, and great for older children to explore different movements with the balloons.

Balloons can also be filled with paint for an outdoor painting extravaganza........but that is a totally different post for me to do later on in the year!!

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