Thursday, 10 January 2013

Big Brother childcare

                              Is CCTV in nurseries a good idea or simply too much??
It is a bit of a tough subject which has some people up in arms and others impressed, but with more and more nurseries having CCTV installed in their rooms, is the idea really a good one?

Some parents find that having CCTV available for them to access via the Internet is a good idea, allowing them to make sure their child has settled in alright. Others fear however, that the CCTV is only as safe as the parents that are using it. Obviously they can monitor their child, but also other children too, not to mention those parents who decide to share the fact they can watch their child on the Internet to other family members or friends (and whoever else may be in eye shot at the time)

Another argument for the use of cameras in nursery settings comes from the incident last year where a nursery nurse was caught on CCTV assaulting four children in her care. After this happened, there were more calls for the use of cameras to catch any such incident again.

It is a difficult one to call. There are many good arguments for and against the idea. Many negative reactions have come from parents concerned about paedophiles being able to access the CCTV footage of their children, and with every right to be, others saying that children would be humiliated and alienated when under the surveillance of CCTV.

An interesting report on the use of CCTV in Danish nurseries is well worth a read

You can also read more about the subject here:

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