Thursday, 3 January 2013

And now back to business!!

        Back to work, back to normality........but its all too confusing for a toddler!!

After all the fun and excitement of the Christmas holidays, it is now time for things to go back to the usual way of life. My husband has gone back to work, and most shocking of all to our little one, the decorations are down!

It has been a bit of a battle the last couple of days explaining to her where the Christmas tree has gone and that Father Christmas isn't coming back for a while as he is on holiday. In fact, I have just to explain why the Christmas lights have disappeared from the neighbours house as she looked out of the window for them!! It is all very confusing to a two year old who has had their lives turned upside down by the whole Christmas event since November to now be back into the swing of things!

But when we think about it, a lot of us feel a bit deflated after the New Year parties are over and we enter back into everyday life (except we don't get the fantastic toys to keep us busy!) Many children have to also face the reality that they are back to school next week. My daughter hasn't mentioned her preschool much over the last few weeks, but seeing her Dad go off to work, as been asking if she is going!

The best thing to do is try to make things as simple to a toddler as you can, as with everything you do on a daily basis! The questions may be frequent and repetitive, but if you try to see things from their point of view, you can get an idea of how confusing this time of year can be. Just keep your answers straightforward and clear and keep them the same when they ask them over and over again!!

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