Thursday, 17 January 2013

An activity idea using toy animals!!

Painting with toy animals can lead to so much more than just a pretty picture!
As you may have seen on this website, I love to explore with a range of different ways of painting. It allows my daughter to explore different textures and ways of using materials for a range of purposes.
Today, we explored painting with animals. Toy animals that is!

Each animal had a different shaped or sized footprint, making the activity so much fun to do! I decided however that this would be more than just a painting activity, there would be a little story to it too! Enter the brown paint and a crisp clean piece of white paper, and also a range of toy animals. The story was that these animals could see there was a fresh blanket of snow in the jungle, something they had never seen before, and they were so excited they began to run through the muddy swamp to walk through the snow! This made very muddy footprints in the snow, some big, some small and the animals had so much fun!

During the story which I narrated as my daughter painted, I used words such as "squelch" and "stomp" as she moved the animals across the page and she began to make the animals talk and described that they were "jumping in muddy puddles!" I must admit, she wasn't really feeling too enthralled in the activity today, and it did not last long for us, but it still created some learning in the brief time that she was taking part!

Give it a is a great activity to build on the cold snap we are having in the UK currently!!

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