Saturday, 12 January 2013

Affordable books make it easier for parents!

                                       Buying books can be an expensive business!

As I have mentioned in a previous post about books , buying books can be quite tough for parents on a budget, meaning children in these households do not always get the opportunity to have access to a range of books.

The great thing about having friends who are also parents is that sometimes they find great deals and businesses that you may have not seen yourselves. This is what happened to allow me to find Books For Bugs , a company run by Sally and Andy who themselves noticed the price of childrens books and set out to sell titles at an affordable cost to parents.

I decided to try them out myself, especially as the January sale was on, meaning I could order books at just £1 each (although the books are still affordable without the sales at £2.99 ) They offer a range of books, suitable for babies all the way up to school age first reading books. The books arrived quickly and wrapped wonderfully in bright tissue paper (soon to be used in a sticking activity with my daughter!) The books were so gratefully recieved by my daughter, who is convinced that it was a present from the postman, not from Mummy!!

And the company is expanding its resources now and starting to sell childcare books which would be fantastic for the Nursery nurses, Childminders and Apprentices out there!

It just goes to show that reading to your child does not have to be an expensive business, and when you can get four books for just £5.99 (as we did in the sale!!) Who could ask for anything more!! Check out Books For Bugs (also on Facebook!)

Thanks for my new books Books for Bugs!!

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  1. Hehe! When I got my delivery from the fantastic Books for Bugs, I also thought "Ooh, I can use this tissue paper for arts and crafts! Hehe!

    We were really pleased with the books we bought but looking back at the website, I'm now wishing I'd bought more. May need to do another online shop with them asap! Certainly a company I will be using again and again and would highly recommend to other parents :0)