Sunday, 27 January 2013

A parents pet hate!!

                                    Just what gets some parents really riled up??

I have found joining some parenting websites, as their discussion boards often bring up some very interesting topics. Recently, I found one all about someone who had become riled over an older person being rude to their child when they had opened a door for them. This got me thinking, is it just us or are some adults just too rude to children they encounter?

It is fair to say that some people are not children people! There are many who live with the mantra "children should be seen and not heard" and I think it does depend on where you are and what sort of mood the other person is in!! I have found my daughter tends to only receive positive feedback from the other adults she encounters. In fact, she becomes quite a conversation starter! Only the other day we were waiting for a bus when a lady started talking to her about where she was off to and if she had enjoyed the snow! And only yesterday, an older couple were smiling at the way she was running to her Dad in town saying "Look at her! Shes running as fast as she can and yet her Mums only walking and keeping up with her!"

It is not nice when adults are rude to children though. I haven't had verbal rudeness aimed at my daughter as to yet, but I have had people banging their shopping bags over her head when she is sat in a pushchair and even kicking at it to get us out of their way!!

It is really hard to explain to a child that not everyone is friendly, and it does make it so difficult when you are trying to teach them to be polite and think of others and one person can spoil it! You just hope that other adults are kind enough to think about their actions before saying things, but many do not. Surely, as adults we should be setting an example??

What are your thoughts? Have you had any problems with adults being rude to your children?

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  1. My daughter hardly had any hair when she turned 2 and an old man came up to her and said she was a boy. When i said she was a girl he said to her your not a proper little girl you don't have enough hair. She was devastated about it as she had a strong self image of being a girl. Always wanted to wear dresses ect. By the time she turned 3 she had a very negative self imagine especially regarding her hair even tho by that time she has masses of beautiful blonde curls and we were always being stopped by strangers telling her how beautiful her hair was she would reply its not actually. It took so much work to restore her self image just from 1 thoughtless comment from a stranger.