Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A helpful tool for behaviour management

Meet the "Good girl jar!" which has made it to our house!!
We have had issues with behaviour over the last week with our little two year old terror! Isn't it funny how nobody ever believes your child can be a nightmare, and yet behind closed doors, they are the worst ever!! Anyway, I thought it was time that I used my behaviour management training and put it to some good use!! Welcome the "Good Girl Jar" !

This idea is often used in childcare settings as well as in the home, as it can be a great way for children to work as a team for a common aim. The idea is that you have a see through jar or container (we used an old chutney glass jar which is kept high up to prevent injury!) and that you fill the jar with little things every time your child does something good. I have seen many places use feathers or pebbles, we have chosen to use coloured glass beads, which make a fantastic noise when dropped in!! If your child misbehaves, a bead is taken away. The idea is that once the jar is full, then the child receives a treat! I deliberately have chosen a small jar and large beads because of my daughters age. A larger jar or smaller items may lead to a longer wait for the treat, and is not so handy with younger children.

My daughter has already chosen her treat to be a gingerbread man from the bakers. It has worked really well over the last 2 days, and I have noticed a change in her behaviour already! We were having real problems at bedtime, but the thought of a bead in her jar in the morning soon gets her off to sleep!!

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  1. This works wonderfully!!! We did it: http://tabihappy.blogspot.com/2012/07/parent-tip-112.html

    And still have the 'rock jar' in effect to this day. :)

  2. Hi, good idea, however my concern is you are taking away a "bead" that she has earned when being good. I personally dont believe in taking away something for being bad when it was given in the first place when showing good behaviour.

  3. No, I definitely understand where you are coming from there. I realised this after writing the post, and have not been taking away from her jar when she misbehaves. She is doing really well with the introduction of the jar and loves getting a treat when it is full!